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Leadership Mentoring


Sarah has led over a thousand people in her corporate career across various levels of leadership. Her people first approach to leading others and building relationships is what helped Sarah shoot up the ranks in her career. Combine this experience with 3+ years in entrepreneurship, guiding clients along their own path to business ownership while building a team for her own business, Sarah knows what it takes to be a well rounded leader. If you are a business owner in search of guidance when it comes to building or leading your team, how to be a person of influence in your organization or how to network with the right people to achieve the results you're looking for, then this service is a great fit for you. Sarah works with clients in a mentorship capacity for anywhere between 3-6 months to ensure the sustainability and support of her expertise. Click below to apply if this feels like a great fit for your leadership path.

Time investment:

60 minute on-boarding call

Bi-weekly 60 minute calls up to a period of 6 months

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"From the first time I spoke with Sarah, I knew that this was a person that I wanted to get to know better, work alongside and learn from. Sarah’s authenticity, kindness, and fierce leadership skills shine bright with everything she does. Through the opportunities I have been given such as speaking at the GCW Summit, sharing my story in the GCW collaborative book series, and taking Sarah’s VIP Strategy Workshop, I have completely changed the trajectory of my personal and professional life with confidence, strength, and purpose! And now, I'm the Director of Publishing at GCW Publishing House, creating a life I love while helping writer's dreams come true! "

Shannon Miller

Custom Business Strategy Workshop (Intensive)

The accidental service that Sarah discovered, that she didn't realize everyone needed. Quick story - Sarah's younger sister Amanda graduated from University and was fresh into the workforce when Covid-19 hit and she lost her job. After years of her rolling her eyes at her big sister's entrepreneurial soapbox spiels at family gathering's, Amanda said, "I think I need to start my own business." 

Sarah, neck deep in her own business pivots said, "I have 5 hours on Tuesday, come over and take notes."

Several hours later with nothing other than Sarah armed with a 5'x4' whiteboard and Amanda equipped with a Word doc, Amanda left Sarah's home office with a plan and the right people to connect with to make it happen. And quick. A lawyer, a bookkeeper and a web designer. Fast forward to today, with Sarah's strategy combined with her sister's creativity & perseverance, Amanda is now one of Calgary's up and coming coaches in the fitness industry. 

The Custom Business Strategy Workshop was officially born after two phases of BETA testing & countless raving clients.

This is a one day workshop complete with prep work to heighten your level of self efficacy as a business owner. During the workshop itself, you'll also cover your understand who your target market is inside and out, understanding the problem you help them solve and how, the strategy & blueprint you need to achieve your business goals for the year and financial scorecard construction to ensure you stay accountable.

It's intense. But it's hella worth it. 

Time investment:

4 hours of pre-work

8 hours of coaching


"Working with Sarah condensed years of what would’ve been struggle, pulled hair and pity pizza in bed into a vortex of 7 hours that forever changed my business. Clarity, confidence and a crystal clear picture of what steps I needed to take to hit my first six- figure year where all given to me and then some during my VIP session with Sarah. She is a literal genius, part walking motivational quote and full on boss, inspiring and imparting on me knowledge and insight I might never have learned if I tried to go it alone."

Allyn - Oregon, USA

Business Coaching

In it for the long game, are ya?

Good, because it's the type of people Sarah likes to work with. HA. In all seriousness, though - Sarah has witnessed first hand what happens to business owners when their long term vision gets disrupted because of the obsession about "getting that next client" that so many business owners fall into. They may even have a successful launch! But what happens when that first launch is done and your market has dried up because there was no plan to keep building your base as you executed the day to day strategy?

Working with Sarah is like having an aggressive football coach to ensure you stay focused on the task at hand mixed with big visionary to ensure you know what's possible for your future and how to carve that path out for yourself each and every day. So if you like the idea of partnering with the lovechild of Gary Vaynerchuk & Elon Musk, then Sarah is someone you want to work with. 

6 months from now you can be in an entirely different place in your business, on a new and wildly exciting trajectory. She doesn't play small, so if you're into taking baby steps or dipping your toes in the water, this won't be a good fit for you!

Time investment: 

90 minute on-boarding

24 hours of coaching over 6-8 months

Email/Voxxer support during office hours

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"Sarah has a brilliant mind and knowledge for business and thinking BIG. Working with Sarah was an opportunity for me to learn what was missing in my business, how to set myself up for success and to open my mind to the possibilities. Sarah has a very unique gift combining business wisdom, humour AND badassery ! She will loving guide you and also kick your a$$ when it is needed - all with love. "

Peggy Birr


I'm really looking forward to connecting with you! I'll never sell you something you don't need, and I'll always be honest if I don't think we're the right fit. I want you to win, so if need be, I can always connect you with someone from my network that will be just right for you! I'd love the opportunity to get to know you, your business and your needs more, so if you're unsure of what service might be the right fit for you, go ahead and click below to complete a general inquiry form and I'll be in touch asap!

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