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15 Years of Leadership Experience


For those that know Sarah, it's no surprise to know she landed her first professional leadership role at the age of 21. Recognized by her workplace leaders for her ability to lead and influence people towards a common goal, Sarah's career took off from a very young age. By 23, she was leading a district of team in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and by 25 she was leading a team of 440 staff members at the flagship Sears store located in the Eaton's centre downtown Toronto.


She knows how to build teams. She knows how to motivate people. She knows how to drive results. She knows how to get people feeling passionate about showing up to work every day and working towards a common goal.

If you're looking for a mentor to help you navigate the complexity of people leadership, Sarah is a rare gem that understands the 360 process of influence.


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Did you know your presence can be just as powerful as your actions and words? Sarah will help you learn how to influence the room and command respect in your place of work with your teams, leaders & peers alike.


Leadership isn't about telling people what to do and expecting them to do as you say. Leadership is about influencing people towards a common goal, in a way that inspires them

Relationship Management

Being a leader requires you to navigate difficult relationships, uncomfortable conversations & working together to find a common resolution. On the flip side, knowing how to leverage key relationships is equally as important.

Self Efficacy

You're not always going to get it right, but feeling confident in yourself, your decisions & your actions, especially in face of adversity is the difference between a good leader and a great leader.

From CEOs, to consultants to part-time employees to business partners and everyone in between

 At 25, Sarah suddenly found herself on stage next to the CEO of Sears Canada as they presented a new pricing strategy for an audience of 1500 at her store location downtown Toronto. While she nearly fainted prior to stepping on the stage, she took the mic anyway and asked for a round of applause for the CEO while she gave herself 20 seconds to calm her nerves before proceeding with her speech.

Sarah recongized early in her career, that the more she believed in herself to do the hard things, the easier the hard things became and the more respect she earned from her peers and leaders in the process. Some say she's a natural born leader, and while that statement may be true, Sarah learned a plethora of leaderships lessons the hard way, too.

Nonetheless, she rolled into boardrooms like she ran the place and presented plans to CEOs & steering committees and happily took on compamy-wide facilitation projects that required her to train hundreds. Somehow Sarah managed to take tough subjects like the Occupational Health & Safety Act, company policies and loss prevention and turn it into engaging experiences for the companies she worked for that enabled participation, encouraged engagement and drove action & change. She wasn't promoted to Senior Change Manager for Western Canada at a major Canadian Pharmacy for nothing. Sarah was the best at leading & influencing change.


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From employee to entrepreneur

 While one could assume you would simply take the leadership skills from your corporate background and apply them to your entrepreneurial journey would be quite simple - it isn't. Entrepreneurship comes with an entirely different set of pressures, skills, relationships & problem solving. Not to mention, there's no one else around to point a finger at anymore if something happens to go awry.

From hiring a team, to engaging a team in your vision, to making sure there's always enough money in the tank to pay them with, entrepreneurs can often lose sight of what's most important in an effort to keep a business afloat - the people. Knowing how to lead your team, so your team can manage the business is often the 'hidden secret' to successful business. In all honesty, your strategy could be bulletproof, but if your team isn't engaged, how well do you think the execution is going to unfold?

Your ability to lead is one of the greatest skills you can invest in as a business owner.

3 months


Payment Plans Available

  • 60 minute on-boarding call & assessment
  • Clarity on leadership opportunities for focus
  • Clarity on leadership goals for action
  • Bi -weekly calls (6)



Payment Plans Available

  • 60 minute on-boarding call & assessment
  • Clarity on leadership opportunities for focus
  • Clarity on leadership goals for action
  • Bi -weekly calls (12)
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