There are zero "one-size fits all" strategies here. Your business is as unique as you are and that's why Sarah's coaching is specific to you and the needs of you, your business and the people your business is here to serve.

But she doesn't stop there. Sarah uses a holistic approach to business, encompassing her clients personalty types, human design, natural strengths and areas of opportunity into consideration for every strategy she helps her clients construct and execute. There isn't a single methodology or approach to business that suits everyone, which is why every client Sarah works with leaves feeling aligned and comfortable with their path forward.

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Working with Sarah helps you shave time off your startup journey so you can learn the ins and outs faster and earn more money, sooner.

2020 showed us very clearly that the idea of job security was a myth. So if you're considering starting a business, adding another stream of income to your household, or taking an existing business into the online space, you're in the right place. Sarah's approach to business coaching isn't just about the strategy, it's about execution too. And your level of execution, holds a direct correlation between your belief in yourself, your belief in what you're creating and your commitment to seeing it through. So if you're looking for the kind of coach who will meet you where you are, co-create a plan that works for you, and lovingly kicks your ass to make sure you stay true to what you said you wanted, look no further - Sarah's the one you need.


Lisa Di Domenico

"Working with Sarah has allowed me to turn my business vision into reality. She helped me get clear on my business goal and mission, to establish concrete actionable steps to take to lay a solid foundation to build my business on, and provided me with the personal support and encouragement to see me through the highs and lows of building a business. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the field business and marketing, and has a very human and authentic approach. She knew just how to meet me where I was at and gave me the tools I needed to get me to where I want to be. Choosing to work with Sarah was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself."

Custom Approach

You won't be pushed into proven strategies here. Sarah works with you to understand what makes you tick, where your natural strengths lie, what your market needs & how they need it delivered. She also considers your time commitment, complexity of your business, your personality type & more into consideration when helping you hash out your master plan. You can feel comfortable knowing you won't need to morph into something outside of yourself to grow your business. But you WILL be stretched to grow into a more powerful version of who you already are. 

Strategic Development

Where most people go wrong in their first year, is not planning past the initial launch. The strategy it takes to get you through your first launch needs to evolve as you and your business evolve. Strategy isn't static and nor is it linear. It takes critical thinking, objectivity & unbiased observation of a culmination of things such as the market, what your numbers are telling you and how you're feeling within yourself as you grow your business. Sarah's approach to coaching equips you with the mindset of a business owner first, so you'll always know how to pivot, shift, grow and evolve no matter what s happening in our world.

Execution & Accountability

It's pretty hard to show up to your call with Sarah in the same position you were in on your last call. Sarah drives you to stay committed and execute your plan. Will some days be tougher than others? Absolutely. Will you want to curse her name through your teeth on other days? Truthfully, it would be weird if you didn't! Sarah's job is to do what you're paying her to do - help you launch and grow your business. She believes in you and wants you to win enough to let your hate her from time to time! when Sarah locks in on someone's potential, she sees to it that person brings their dreams to fruition, even on their most doubtful days.

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What you can expect in your coaching partnership with Sarah


As a 6-12 month coaching client, you also receive Sarah's Strategy Workshop ($5k value). After your initial 90 minute on-boarding, you will be scheduled in for your 8 hour Strategy Workshop to lay the groundwork for the next 6-12 months, depending on your coaching package of choice. The strategy developed will act as blueprint for the duration of the coaching relationship as you enter into the execution phase. During execution, you'll be required to lean into what's working, shift and dial what needs adjusting and pivot away from what isn't working. This is where the power of having a coach in your corner can make or act as a catalyst for your success and the speed at which you take action. More importantly, having a coach in your corner during the more trivial times in your business can be the one thing you need to make sure you keep your head in the game. Entrepreneurship is a game of resilience. You're going to get knocked down. What's critical is that you get back up and keep going and Sarah will see to it that you do.

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Coaching Retainer Package Options

6 and 12 month packages available

6 month retainer

$5,000 Deposit

+ 6 monthly payments of $2,500

  • 90 minute on-boarding call & assessment
  • 8 hour Strategy Workshop
  • Bi-weekly calls for 6 months (12)
  • Email & Voxxer access to Sarah between calls
  • Access to Designed to Scale with Cora-Lynn Hazelwood for full tech & web support
  • Client concierge to track progress, manage scorecard & ensure a positive client experience

12 month retainer

$10,000 Deposit

+ 12 monthly payments of $2,000

  • 90 minute on-boarding call & assessment 
  • 8 hour Strategy Workshop 
  • Bi-weekly calls for 12 months (24) 
  • Email & Voxxer access to Sarah between calls 
  • Access to Designed to Scale with Cora-Lynn Hazelwood for full tech & web support 
  • One hour legal consultation with Andrea Henry
  • Client concierge to track progress, manage scorecard & ensure a positive client experience
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