Sarah Swain is a former corporate hustler turned serial entrepeneur obsessed with all things business. The vision. The plan. The execution. The troubleshooting. The wins. The failures. The impact. The service. The revenue. The opportunities it creates for others. All of it.

Her leap out of the corporate world wasn't for the faint of heart and she certainly didn't magically land on 6-figure business and a feature in Forbes overnight. Sarah left her corporate 6-figure gig with no back-up plan & gave away all of her corporate clothes becaue she figured if she got scared of the whole entrepreneurial journey thing, then she'd have to ask for her job back...naked. If that doesn't paint a picture for what kind of person Sarah is, then we don't know what will. She's ballsy. How about that?

Truthfully though, her secret weapon is simply that she believes in herself. Unconditionally. And when you're armed with a radical sense of self trust & confidence, you can figure just about anything else out. She just wishes more people would run through brick walls to increase their self efficacy, so more people have a better chance at staying in the game of business.

So while she's running her Publishing House & building her Media Empire behind the scenes, Sarah is working with other entrepreneurs, helping them carve out their path forward and learn to embody what it means to be in business with confidence & conviction.

When Sarah isn't busy trying to take over the world and helping others do the same, she's usually somewhere in the Canadian Rockies with her husband, not far from her home in Alberta, refuelling and getting inspired for her next big business endeavour.

Sarah's big dream is to live on an acreage with a view of the mountains, eating the vegetables she planted herself, working from her She Shed, surrounded by countless dogs, goats & chickens. Just watch, she'll make it happen.


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What Sarahs Clients are saying about her VIP Strategy Workshop

"I knew I had to jump on this workshop because I needed the kind of clarity that only an outside perspective could offer. More importantly, I needed someone who would be brutally honest with me while taking the time to get to know me, my business and my own personal strengths and weaknesses, while cutting through the bullshit I kept placing in my own path. After my VIP Business Strategy Workshop with Sarah, I felt SO

fired up and ready to get to work, with a complete & CLEAR plan in place with exact steps to move forward with. It literally left my lady parts tingling. In my years of business, I have never felt so fully and completely in alignment!"


Emily Gough - Ontario, Canada

Your business success awaits

Contact Sarah today to see if her services are right for you. And don't worry, if they're not, she'll tell you! She has an extensive & high calibre network of men and women with various specialities & expertise. So if Sarah's not the one for you, she will know someone who is!