Bingo Bango! If you're the type that just needs some clarity and direction in a rip-the-band-aid-off kinda way, then Sarah's VIP Strategy Workshop is what you need.

This offering is Sarah's accidental 2020 discovery. Here's the story. Sarah's sister Amanda was fresh out of University and in her first full-time job when the pandemic hit. Her sister Amanda was sitting on Sarah's couch when she got the notice from her employer she was being laid off with no notice. No severance. After years of Amanda listening to Sarah preach all things business & entrepreneurship and Amanda giving her eye rolls in return, Amanda finally said, "I need to start my own business, don't I..?" To which Sarah responded, " Yup. I have 5 hours on Tuesday. Come over. Take notes. Brace yourself."
To make a short story even shorter, one highly intense session between Amanda, Sarah and a giant whiteboard later, Amanda left feeling confident she knew what she needed to get started. From there, her commitment, creativity & perseverance took the wheel as she worked to secure her future and build a full fledged online fitness empire.
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Tried, Tested & Legit


Sarah was so fascinated by how her sister was able to pick up on the basics of business in a matter of hours, take it and run with. So Sarah decided to turn this random sister biz sesh into a formal pilot. Sarah reached out to some folks in her network she felt would benefit from the pilot. Here's what they had to say about their experience in Sarah's Strategy Workshop.

Emily Gough

"I knew I had to jump on this workshop because I needed the kind of clarity that only an outside perspective could offer. More importantly, I needed someone who would be brutally honest with me while taking the time to get to know me, my business and my own personal strengths and weaknesses, while cutting through the bullshit I kept placing in my own path. After my VIP Business Strategy Workshop with Sarah, I felt SO

fired up and ready to get to work, with a complete & CLEAR plan in place with exact steps to move forward with. It literally left my lady parts tingling. In my years of business, I have never felt so fully and completely in alignment!"

Claudio Frimmel

"Sarah is a freakin' genius. What she did in 4 hours would have taken me 2 years. I actually feel like I can not only run my business again but I have so much clarity on where I need to put in the work! Sarah literally moved me from feeling unsure about the future of my business to being more excited that I have ever been before. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Before, I was overwhelmed with information from all over the place but all I needed was someone to clear the fog. Thank you for giving me a clear plan. I am ready to tackle the world thanks to 4 hours with Sarah!"

Self Awareness

This is a critical step in the Strategy Workshop. Prior to even setting foot in this intensive container, Sarah puts your ego through the ringer with powerful prework to identify potential road blocks, limiting beliefs, an areas of both strength and opportunity that exist within you as the business owner. This pre-work brings you a powerful sense of self, that will help you stay on top of your game when the going gets tough. It also allows for the workshop itself to stay focused on the strategy itself.

Directional Clarity

It's pretty tough to build out a strategy if you don't know where you're headed (or what you're offering!) You'll go from not even being able to explain what you do to being able to clearly articulate it and the value you bring to the table in 15 seconds or less.So if you're in a position right now where you know you have something to birth into this world but you can't quite put your finger on it, this strategy workshop is equally beneficial to this beginner stage as well.

Custom Strategy

Because there isn't one size that fits all. The strategy to break your biz into the scene needs to work for you and speak to your target market at the same time. Using a deconstruction approach, Sarah takes your end goal and works backwards to today, so you can clearly see your path forward. You'll not only leave with a strategy, you'll leave with dates they're best to be executed, too. Think of it like a roadmap to help you arrive at your vision!

Execution & Accountability

Since this is a one-day container, Sarah came up with a way to help you stay accountable to your strategy in the absence of her as your coach glaring at you on Zoom every two weeks. Sarah not only teaches you strategy and the overall game of business, she also leaves you with a powerful metrics system to help you make sure you stay on track with your actions, specifically your income producing activities. This part of the workshop also clearly shows just how feasible it is for you to set that big financial target for yourself.

The most high impact and wildly efficient day you'll spend on your business this year.


Take The Leap

Allyn Amerongen

"Working with Sarah condensed years of what would’ve been struggle, pulled hair and pity pizza in bed into a vortex of 7 hours that forever changed my business. Clarity, confidence and a crystal clear picture of what steps I needed to take to hit my first six- figure year where all given to me and then some during my VIP session with Sarah. She is a literal genius, part walking motivational quote and full on boss, inspiring and imparting on me knowledge and insight I might never have learned if I tried to go it alone."

Alex Marshall

"My session with Sarah was AMAZING and literally exactly what I needed. I had worked with 2 other business coaches/mentors for 3 month periods each, but still had so many ideas swirling around that I wasn't able to fully strategize and map out on my own. I didn't want another 3 month commitment so I knew as soon as I saw this VIP session being offered, it was meant to be. I left our meeting with so much clarity, all my questions answered, and a rock solid game plan for the rest of the year. Total game changer, 10/10 would recommend!"

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One time payment

  • Self Awareness Prework
  • Clarity in your direction & offering
  • Custom Strategy
  • Roadmap for execution
  • Financial metrics & scorecard for accountability

All bundled up in one high powered day-long workshop

A payment plan option is available. $2,500 deposit and $2,500 30 days later. If you're highly self accountable and just need to be pointed in the right direction to fire off your canon, this VIP workshop is an incredibly wise investment where both your time and your money are concerned!


PLUS - If you decide you need aded support on your journey, this workshop is also included in Sarah's 6-12 month coaching packages!

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