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Story time.

I remember the day it hit me like a 2"x4" to the face - There wasn't a single soul in the world who could bring my vision to life other than me. It was January 2018. I was on a burnout leave from my career, in the throws of deciding whether or not to return. Do I go back and let someone tell me what my time is worth and continue to climb the corporate ladder? At the time, I was in a Director level position and my boss had recently given me my performance review. They were lining me up to take his place when he retired or moved onto a new role - whichever came first. I could go back, and be making $200k+ per year as a Senior VP before the age of 35. Sure looked great on paper.

Is that what I wanted though? Would I feel successful? Would I feel fulfilled? My body responded with a resounding "No."

I handed in my notice, dropped off my company car, packed up my office and promised myself to go all in. No plan b. 

That was 3.5 years ago, and I've never looked back.


🎯 Why I created Strategy to Success! 🎯



Tried, Tested & Legit


I wanted to crate a space for you that is EASY TO UNDERSTAND. Like a roadmap or a blueprint for you to follow.  I've been running Custom & Private VIP Strategy Workshops for several months now and without fail, every client has walked away with clarity in their offering, actionable steps to make it happen, & a boatload of conviction in both themselves and what they're here to do in this world. Oh, I also forgot to mention newfound business & financial acumen that keeps them focused on what actually moves the revenue needle. Because you deserve to earn money, doing what you love. Period. Anyway, obviously I can only work with a limited number of people in my private workshops, but seeing how wildly effective they are for my clients, I had to start thinking about how to transform this offering in a way that can help me help more people. So here we are! What I have done is taken the methodology I use in my Strategy Workshops, and turned it into this fire-filled, step by step container for business owners who are serious about what they're here to do. That's you!

I designed Strategy to Success using the SAME BLUEPRINT I use in my private strategy workshop sessions.

Self Awareness

The thing about business that no one tells you about, is that it will only grow to the extent in which you are willing to grow yourself. Unresolved fears or ignorance around where you are blocking your own success, will always find you. It's better to understand yourself more sooner rather than later, to prevent self sabotage and increase your chances of launching, growing & sustaining your business!

My modules around self awareness, limiting beliefs and fears will leave you wide eyed and jaw dropped at what you learn about yourself as a business owner!

Directional Clarity

It's pretty tough to build out a strategy if you don't know where you're headed, who you're here to help, or how. The modules in this component will help you gain pinpoint precision.  Knowing your target market inside out, backwards and upside down is one of the greatest tools in your chest.Nxt, you'll learn how to build and optimize your signature offering so it speaks DIRECTLY to your target market, helps them solve the problem they're experiencing AND maximizes their success. What makes this phase even better? You'll also learn how to stand out in your industry, because if you're busy trying to do it like everyone else, then you'll always blend in!

Strategy & Roadmap

Because there isn't one size that fits all. The strategy to break your biz into the scene needs to work for you and reach your target market at the same time. Using a deconstruction approach, the Strategy Modules help you take your end goal and works backwards to today, so you can clearly see your path forward. The LAUNCH is the most underestimated skill in the world of business. Whether you're launching an entire business, a new offering, or a podcast, there are key and critical components of a launch to consider and execute with proper care. Most people give up on their launches after a couple of days, simply because they weren't prepared or equipped with the right knowledge. UGH! Not you, okay? Get in this space and learn what you're missing!

Execution & Accountability

I came up with a way to help you stay accountable to your strategy that doesn't require another personal development book, podcast or money mindset guru. Learn how to implement powerful metrics systems to help you make sure you forecast your revenue AND stay on track with your actions, specifically your income producing activities. That big ol' financial target you've set for yourself? It' s a lot more attainable than you think. You'll not only find clarity and confidence in your strategy in Strategy to Success, you'll ALSO grow your total business acumen so you can embody what it means to be a successful business owner.


Allyn, Claudio & Alex are some of my VIP Strategy Workshop clients. Look at what they were able to achieve in just one day of using the same methodology I have built into Strategy to Success!

Now imagine having lifetime access to these resources with live coaching from myself and industry experts every single week?! It's a recipe for YOUR SUCCESS.

Allyn - Oregon, USA

"Working with Sarah condensed years of what would’ve been struggle, pulled hair and pity pizza in bed into a vortex of 7 hours that forever changed my business. Clarity, confidence and a crystal clear picture of what steps I needed to take to hit my first six- figure year where all given to me and then some during my VIP session with Sarah. She is a literal genius, part walking motivational quote and full on boss, inspiring and imparting on me knowledge and insight I might never have learned if I tried to go it alone."

Claudio -  Alberta, Canada

"Sarah is a freakin' genius. What she did in a few hours would have taken me 2 years. I actually feel like I can not only run my business again but I have so much clarity on where I need to put in the work! Sarah literally moved me from feeling unsure about the future of my business to being more excited that I have ever been before. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Before, I was overwhelmed with information from all over the place but all I needed was someone to clear the fog. Thank you for giving me a clear plan. I am ready to tackle the world thanks to a few hours with Sarah!"

Alex - Idaho, USA

"My session with Sarah was AMAZING and literally exactly what I needed. I had worked with 2 other business coaches/mentors for 3 month periods each, but still had so many ideas swirling around that I wasn't able to fully strategize and map out on my own. I didn't want another 3 month commitment so I knew as soon as I saw this VIP session being offered, it was meant to be. I left our meeting with so much clarity, all my questions answered, and a rock solid game plan for the rest of the year. Total game changer, 10/10 would recommend!"


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