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I quit my job in 2017 and gave away all my corporate clothes.

 True story. I figured if I was going to beg for my job back after a potential failure to launch, then I'd have to do it naked.

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You just need a Simple F*cking Strategy. So I built this course to be your no bullsh*t blueprint to help you stop over-complicating your online business and start earning money with ease.

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Marketing might feel all kinds of awkward or unknown for you. So I built you a quiz to help you understand your Marketing Archetype!

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In this container, you're left with no choice but to build your business & win. Hot damn is it fiery in here!

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I still can't believe that in the year after we met, I had a baby, started a business, wrote a chapter in an amazing book, made my business my full-time gig AND all while going through a pandemic! It still blows my mind! I didn't do it alone. You were a key player."

Lisa D - Former Business Coaching Client

Myla Trenchuk - Current Mastermind student

I can't even believe how much is happening already and it's only been two weeks in the Mastermind!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

OMG! You were in my head! My Heart! This is Happy Shouting!"

Tania - Marketing Archetype quiz tester

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