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I quit my job in 2017 and gave away all my corporate clothes.

True story. I figured if I was going to beg for my job back after a potential failure to launch, then I'd have to do it naked.

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The old way of trading time for money isn't working anymore.

It's time to monetize your mind and start earning money based on the value you provide instead of the hours you put in.

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Marketing & selling your services should be FUN for you.

If you're not having fun, its time to figure out why. Chances are, you're simply marketing in a way that isn't conducive to who you are. It''s time to discover your Marketing Archetype.

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Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a space that you could connect with other like-minded, awake men and women?

I have two fabulous communities for MYM & The Parliament, but I didn't have one that was available for everyone, for free. Now, you can join The New Way community, it's unbelievably rad in there.

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