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I run two businesses from the middle of nowhere, so join me weekly for Business in the Boonies!

Emerging Leaders Mentorship

Supporting you as you lean into business ownership and the unexpected personal growth that must come with it. Sarah will help you steer your business relations as you expand your network, grow your team and begin to truly identify as an entrepreneur.

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Strategy Workshops

This high impact container takes you from idea to concept in 8 hours, while simultaneously learning more about who you are asa business owner, how to lead with your strengths and how to navigate your opportunities.

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Business Coaching

If you're looking for a high level of accountability, support & strategic counsel for your business, Sarah's no BS approach to coaching is what you need. Not afraid to tell it to you straight, Sarah's coaching will ensure you stay focused and forward moving as you grow your revenue.

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Sarah left her 6-figure corporate gig in January of 2018 with no back-up plan other than "I trust myself enough to make this happen." 3 years later she is now the proud owner of a Canadian Media Company & Publishing House , a mentor to emerging leaders in entrepreneurship & strategist to online, service-based business owners. Sarah believes deeply in creating financial independence so more people can have more choices and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. featured in Forbes, Sarah doesn't shy away from talking about money, and why you need to create more than one stream of income in order to protect your livelihood from unexpected changes in our world, as we all experienced in 2020. 

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Alex - Idaho, USA

My session with Sarah was AMAZING and literally exactly what I needed. I had worked with 2 other business coaches/mentors for 3 month periods each, but still had so many ideas swirling around that I wasn't able to fully strategize and map out on my own. I didn't want another 3 month commitment so I knew as soon as I saw this VIP session being offered, it was meant to be. I left our meeting with so much clarity, all my questions answered, and a rock solid game plan for the rest of the year. Total game changer, 10/10 would recommend!

Allyn - Oregon, USA

Working with Sarah condensed years of what would’ve been struggle, pulled hair and pity pizza in bed into a vortex of 7 hours that forever changed my business. Clarity, confidence and a crystal clear picture of what steps I needed to take to hit my first six- figure year where all given to me and then some during my VIP session with Sarah. She is a literal genius, part walking motivational quote and full on boss, inspiring and imparting on me knowledge and insight I might never have learned if I tried to go it alone.

Claudio - Alberta, CAN

Sarah is a freakin' genius. What she did in 4 hours would have taken me 2 years. I actually feel like I can not only run my business again but I have so much clarity on where I need to put in the work! Sarah literally moved me from feeling unsure about the future of my business to being more excited that I have ever been before. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Before, I was overwhelmed with information from all over the place but all I needed was someone to clear the fog. Thank you for giving me a clear plan. I am ready to tackle the world thanks to 4 hours with Sarah!


Where strategy meets hilarity for online entrepreneurs


Launching April 2021, Sarah is taking her 3 years of podcasting experience where she hit the top 200 in over 10 countries in their respective categories, & injecting a hefty dose of her personality mixed with actionable content for entrepreneurs.  Be prepared to laugh, learn, take action & make money as Sarah brings you a mix of both solo gold-nugget packed episodes and real talk with real experts.


I'll only send you emails that will either help you move the needle in your business, or make you laugh. Like sitting down, grabbing a beer and talking shop.  Worth it.